Trading with Artificial Intelligence: Method or Strategy?

by Plotinus

It is easy to understand the development and use of artificial intelligence as a technological progression, the culmination to date of the advances in computing, data processing, and storage. In this context, it follows that it will be applied in the financial sphere as another method or tool in the toolbox, in the pursuit of investment goals. There is however a different question: Is there such a thing as an artificial-intelligence strategy?

Our answer to that question based on our experience is yes. This new application can be understood as class of strategy—a new class—which brings with it some interesting prospects that reflect the fresh and disruptive energy contained in artificial-intelligence technology.

AI allows for the creation of the unconventional, not necessarily linear, thought, which by its very nature is operating outside of the conventional channeled methods and interpretations. This does not mean disparaging older methods. It can involve their adoption, in a less restricted manner, by this new technology in the hope that this approach can offer new insight and new ways of solving problems.

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