Client Profiles

As a specialized investment manager, Plotinus is committed to quality client relationships in ways that large asset-management houses cannot sustain. Our work is well-suited for those seeking hands-on exposure to new-era portfolio strategies.

Family Offices

Our commitment to working with investors prioritizes single and multi-family offices worldwide. Entities looking to manage their core portfolio holdings proactively, yet without undue risk, are responding to our efficient style in recalibrating equity commitments. In our commodity-trading advisory work, family offices maintain control of their account, while we apply our skills and expertise.

Small Institutions

We specialize in servicing the exacting standards of small institutions or boutique-manager carve-outs at large institutions. Because artificial intelligence-based strategies are comparatively new to the asset-management business, these firms embrace our matter-of-fact style in addressing their portfolio needs. We prioritize every institutional client, rather than channel these relationships into capital-source buckets.

Qualified Individuals

High-net-worth investors who meet industry-standard wealth benchmarks are welcome at Plotinus. We execute bespoke strategies that complement diverse portfolio positions. Our commitment to client dialogue helps to ensure the best risk-adjusted outcomes. We work with private-banking intermediaries to respect longstanding account-servicing relationships.

Anti-Money Laundering Commitment

Plotinus actively collaborates with its service providers to ensure client accounts are in full compliance with established anti-money laundering standards. Plotinus itself does not operate as an account carrier.