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Plotinus Asset Management operates on the cutting-edge of applied artificial intelligence. The company is regulated as both a commodity-trading advisor and commodity-pool operator. We further offer our skills through advisory arrangements with enterprise-level investors. Plotinus will also showcase its expertise with the forthcoming launch of a Cayman-based hedge fund. For qualified investors, further information is available on our product-development timetable.

Because the early foundation of our company traces to the commercial logistics industry, we are better suited to understanding real-world market dynamics, than those wedded to financial engineering. That quality can be seen in our commitment to transparency in our portfolio-management style. Some AI-based asset managers hide behind black boxes. We spotlight trading decisions and translate their performance outcomes in our client communications.

About the Corporate Name

Our namesake is Plotinus, a philosopher who lived during the third century, defining the neoplatonic movement. The majority of his life was spent in Alexandria and Rome.

As with artificial intelligence today, the works of Plotinus can be controversial. We are taken by his view that true happiness is metaphysical, aligning with our stance that the investment industry is fast-evolving beyond its traditional roots.

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Rather than being tempted toward infinity in data terms like Icarus toward the sun, the aim should be to maintain Daedalian discipline and define in strict terms what is relevant to distill the complex to produce something simple and actionable.

— CJ Finnegan, Founder

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Is Big Data Overrated?

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