Venture Milestones

Our company traces its roots to 2013. While a young firm, our startup heritage has aligned with the commercial evolution of artificial technology.

2013 ► Plotinus Ltd established to develop AI technology for financial services to use Informational Dissonance, a concept created by Plotinus’ founder CJ Finnegan.

2014 ► Plotinus Ltd receives Proof of Concept start-up accelerator funding from Invest Northern Ireland (a government regional development agency).

2015 ► Agreed to develop an Informational Dissonance trading signals app for the Bloomberg Terminal App Portal.

2016 ► Received a quarter of a million GBP R&D grant from Invest Northern Ireland in conjunction with the EU European Regional Development Fund.

2017 ► Pivoted from app development ‘signals as a service’ business model to the creation of Plotinus Trading System for exclusive inhouse trading of AI signal generation in recognition of the strength of the signal generation engine.

2018 ► Began live trading with the Plotinus Trading System.

2019 ► Established Plotinus Asset Management in the Cayman Islands.

2020 ► Plotinus Asset Management launches the Plotinus 2 Pi Fund for institutional investors with internal seed money.

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Rather than being tempted toward infinity in data terms like Icarus toward the sun, the aim should be to maintain Daedalian discipline and define in strict terms what is relevant to distill the complex to produce something simple and actionable.

— CJ Finnegan, Founder

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