Plotinus Captures Global Institutional Interest

Institutional Investors are exploring new alternatives in the search for yield with increasing attention being paid to learning about and understanding artificial-intelligence strategies.

Chart Spotlights Top-Ranked Returns

Plotinus provides an industry-leading strategy for qualified investors. As shown by the green veritical bar, Plotinus generously outperformed its peers in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Video Explores Essential AI Attributes

At the Pension Bridge Altinvestor APAC 2020 Conference, CEO CJ Finnegan recently shared his thoughts on the role of AI trade decision-making as the new alternative investment for our current turbulent times.


CJ appeared alongside other top-tier managers. The conference perspective was global, although the majority of investor-participants are based in the Asia-Pacific region.

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► Pension Bridge Altinvestor APAC 2020 Conference: Speaker Profiles

The conference was the first institutional-investor event that Plotinus has sponsored in the Asia-Pacific region. Follow-up conversations were held with sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and pension funds, among other institutions.

Event Date: 10-13 November 2020. For more background on the conference, visit

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Image Credit: Cozyta at Can Stock Photo Inc.