Hedge Fund

Our AI-driven strategy is accessible through a Cayman-based investment fund. This product spotlights Plotinus’ legacy expertise in an offshore structure. It is suited to qualified investors looking to exploit the potential of the S&P 500 in a hedge-fund format.

With artificial intelligence as a core—not complementary—feature, the strategy is the only one-of-its-kind in the industry. The fund has been meticulously built from research into artificial intelligence that originated on a proprietary basis in 2013.

Our investment product is designed as a substitute for passive index exposure. It draws on our deep equity-trading experience in the US futures market. We aim to deliver lower risk and higher return than is commonly seen in the index-related investments. Historical performance validates that claim.

Institutions with strict investment-policy guidelines will find that the Plotinus fund aligns precisely with US-targeted equity allocation requirements. By exploiting the latest advancements in technology, the fund offers a fresh approach to accessing the depth and breadth of the world’s largest stock market.

We have taken a measured approach to launching the fund to ensure that we adhere to industry best-practices. Institutional investors will find comfort in our disclosure standards. Product design is based on input from world-class service providers in the legal, administrative, and marketing disciplines.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with institutional names about how our approach can be tailored to your specific needs. Early-stage investors meeting minimum investment guidelines may benefit from certain structuring incentives.

We do not serve retail investors directly. Additional information is available to qualified investors. The fund is not available to US persons.