Investment Advisory

Institutions can access our deep knowledge of artificial-intelligence applications through custom advisory arrangements. Our trendsetting work in evaluating the relevance of AI to trading decisions is designed to partner with enterprise-level investors.

In our experience, financial-service firms often under-appreciate the cost of big data, while over-emphasize the role that such analysis can play. Our bias toward efficient use of derived data can help to structure an AI-driven business more economically than may otherwise be the case.

We are well suited, for instance, to work with private banks in setting up an AI-driven collective investment unit that will support their competitive profile. Similarly, we can partner with insurance companies to offer a white-labeled product as part of a long-term investment program. We have at-hand expertise in helping regional banks in Europe and Asia to launch enhanced US equity funds.

The fast-evolving nature of artificial-intelligence technology and the dynamic reality of financial markets suggests that our corporate culture may align with fintech companies in building their product portfolios. Our work may be suited to robo-advisors looking to distinguish their fund offerings.

We are pleased to speak with institutions about their product and distribution requirements.